Smithsonian Microbes

Dr. Carlson and I participated in an initiative led by Dr. Alyson Santoro and the Smithsonian to develop content for the Smithsonian Ocean Portal. The motivation of the portal was to find new ways of communicate microbial ocean science to the public. Check out the short film by filmaker Brendan Byrne that describes our work!

Marine Microbes Pt. I - Microbial World from Brendan Byrne on Vimeo.



Dr. Kelsey Bisson led a project funded by the National Academies Keck Futures Initiative that wove together the strengths of art and science. She put together a team of four artists, Celia Jacobs, Dustin Hayes, and Gad Girling, who worked to bring oceanography to the public eye through their mediums of art, music, photography, writing, and film.

Aquatic Cathartic from Project ACIDD on Vimeo.