I am a scientist who studies microorganisms to understand their role in cycling carbon and energy through ocean ecosystems.

To do my work, I conduct cultivation-dependent experiments in the lab, collect water samples from research cruises, and use autonomously-collected data like those from floats and satellites.

As a laboratory technician and then doctoral student in the Carlson lab at the University of California, Santa Barbara, I gained expertise in the recycling of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) by bacterioplankton.

I am now working as a postdoctoral scholar in the Halsey and Behrenfeld labs at Oregon State University. My current research goals are to:

  1. assess how the optical properties and cell physiology of phytoplankton change over the day-night cycle for a variety of cultured species.
  2. investigate how day-night variability in the optical properties of phytoplankton impacts interpretations of satellite remote sensing data.

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